Humana Corpus Dignitate was created with the goal of helping others see their true value and dignity as the children of God.  Below is a list of topics that we discuss with an emphasis on Church teachings and the Catholic Christian faith, which are further enforced by scientific evidence with the use of credible medical and scientific sources including medical journals and textbooks.  We are more than willing to collaborate and tailor all of our topics to the needs, demographics and culture of the audience to ensure personal relevance and enrichment so that individuals gain knowledge and understanding,  affirm their self-worth, begin their journey of healing and forgiveness, and learn to feel God's loving grace within them.

All talks can be tailored to the demographic of the audience being addressed.  Subject matter is not limited to what is listed on this page.  We are more than willing to collaborate on all topics.  Talks may be expanded into retreat style or compressed into short educational sessions.

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Beyond the Choice: the Aftermath of Abortion
Everyone talks about having the choice. No one talks about when you actually make it. Addressing the aftermath of abortion.
Men in the Abortion Conversation
The way a man treats a woman can influence her decision to continue carrying their child. What is the role of men in the relationship and how does abortion affect men?
Adolescent Wellbeing
Fighting the Bully
The way we treat others can affect them long-term. Talking about the traumatic effects of bullying and why it needs to stop.
Catechetical Formation
Keeping the Compass Northward
How do we catechize to youth in the societal climate we live in? We discuss what questions to raise with teens to help them question the secular world.
Mental Health: General
A Mindful Life
Self-care is important. How did Jesus give us examples of how to cope?
Mental Health: Maternal
Caring for Momma
Maternal mental health is important and can impact the upbringing of the child.
Mental Health: Parental
Finding the Rainbow: Coping with the Loss of a Child
After the loss of a child, parents need a time and a place to heal, and know that they are not alone in their grief.
Theology of the Body
Introduction to Theology of the Body
Understand what Theology of the Body actually teaches and why it is important to apply it to our daily lives.

Additional subjects:

  • General Faith

  • Adolescent Health and Well-being

  • Children's Health and Well-being

  • The Sacraments (all or individually)

  • Family

  • Marriage/Relationships

  • Maternal Health and Well-being (includes post-partum depression)

  • Men's Health and Well-being

  • Mental Health and Well-being

  • Sexual Health

  • Women's Health and Well-being