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Bill Snyder

Founder of Patchwork Heart Ministries

Bill is the Founder of Patchwork Heart Ministry, a non-profit [501(c)3] Catholic Youth, and Young Adult ministry. He inspires, engages and challenges young people to live their faith boldly by example and through storytelling and media initiatives.


Teaching Faith to the Heart


After an incident occurred in which a young catechumen was angered and hurt by the way her catechist brought up and spoke on abortion, Angel and Carlos discussed the ways in which Church and Scriptural truths can be taught that does not diminish their ideals.  Young people are looking to be nurtured, hoping to find ways that the teachings are relevant to them and their own lives.  The old ways of teaching no longer work in a society that has access to so much more information.  We must change the way we teach in order to speak to the hearts of the young Catholics, and hopefully prevent them from disassociating from the Church.


The Priest and the Human within


We talked to Father Jeffery Smialek, a Carmelite priest who has previously been trained in martial arts, co-coaches lacrosse for the high school and is a fan of Elvis Presley who now enjoys his priesthood and ministering to the youth.  Listen to our conversation as Father Jeff explains the challenges of teaching morality to high school students in today's societal climate, and why Confession is his favorite part of being a priest.


A Fire for Youth


Young Catholics are becoming disenchanted and leaving the Church in droves.  They feel their questions are not being answered.  In their upcoming book, Bill Snyder, founder of Patchwork Heart Ministries, and Sewing Hope Podcast co-host Anne Desantis, along with co-writers Magdelene Riggins and Jennifer Southerton seek to answer the very questions that are burning within the hearts of young Catholics.  Listen as they talk about their conversations with Catholic college students and what questions were most common and their Christ-like approach in their collaborative effort.


Bracing the Fractured Family


Episode Details


The Unbroken Vessel


Our guest this week is the beautiful Hyacinth Hermida, a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse who seeks out spiritual means of healing.  After trying several different spiritual paths, she found healing in the Church.  Listen as she tells of how she left everything behind, and through her faith and courage, sought solace living in a hermitage life in the Holy Land, and was able to find the resources she needed in a country that lacks resources for mental health.  Listen as she tells of fighting through cultural barriers and through the grace of God she has been healed. 


The Gifted Sacrifice


Not only do we discuss what we are giving up, but why?  How is your sacrifice brining you closer to God?  When we give something up, God blesses us in greater ways.


The Communicative Father


On this Father's Day episode, Carlos and Angel focus on Ephesians 6:4 Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up with the training and instruction of the Lord.  What is the role of a father in communicating with their kids, showing them love, and how to cope with situations? Fathers are the example for their boys on how a man should act and for their girls how they should be treated.  We discuss the importance of changing our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in front of our children.


The Whole-lisitc Woman


We sat down with Maria Spears, a self-worth strategist, doula, fitness coach and musician strong in her Catholic faith who has studied Theology of the Body and runs a women's ministry and works with The Woman School to help other women build the tools to handle everyday life by finding inner peace, dignity and self-worth.


Our Autistic Sons


Minh Solorzano and Henry Delallana are our first guests on the show. Carlos sat with Henry and Angel sat with Carlos and Minh as they talk about their experiences and choices they made in getting their sons tested for autism, as well as the therapy. They discuss their own fears, worries, struggles through all of it.


The Road to Now


Carlos and Angel introduce themselves, who they are and how this whole thing got started. They talk about future plans and what they hope to gain and achieve.


"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you."

- Matthew 28:19



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