We are a theologian and a family nurse practitioner who work together to emphasize the beauty and value of GOD'S CREATION through MEDICAL and SCIENTIFIC evidence of His loving mercy in the HUMAN PERSON while addressing the topics difficult to discuss

Angelica Delallana, FNP-C


Family Nurse Practitioner

Carlos Solorzano, MA, BA

Religious Studies

Theology of the Body

Inst. Certified

Our Team

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January 29, 2021

Live on Journeys in Faith

with Anne DeSantis


Live on Sewing Hope Podcast

Carlos and Angel were live with Anne DeSantis and Bill Snyder on Sewing Hope Podcast from Patchwork Heart Ministries on December 17, 2020

TOB Certified

Carlos has received his official Certification with the Theology of the Body Institute.


What does Jesus coming in human form mean for our own humanity? Carlos explores the historical truths and theological teachings to help us understand the meaning behind Christ's Body.

Striving and Thriving with PTSD

Surviving a motorcycle accident, deployment to Afghanistan, IED bombings, a veteran shares her emotional journey of living with PTSD and the effects of traumatic brain injury. By God's grace, she has lived to tell her story.

The Communicative Father

What is the role of a father in communicating with their kids, showing them love, and how to cope with situations? Fathers are the example for their boys on how a man should act and for their girls how they should be treated.  We discuss the importance of changing our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in front of our children.

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